The X-90 Shield Generator was one of the two shield systems produced by the Templars of Twilight. Unlike the Dragon Mail Shielding system which used several small emitters to produce a skin like shield around the object being defended, the X-90 used a singular larger generator that produced a domed or spherical shield around its subject. The generator came in two version, the standard X-90 that was used on a few ship models, and the X-90m that was used on the RX-90 Shield Generator Tank and other land vehicles to produce defensive fields around itself and the area around it. While both the X-90 and the Dragon Mail system used the same ammount of power, the X-90 was not as effective defending from long sustained heavy attack as the Dragon Mail because of its larger area of operation. It was however much more effective at dispersing kinetic energy around its surface than its sibling and could take missile attacks much easier.

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