X-6 modular carbine
X-6 Modular Ion/Blaster Carbine
Production information

Templar Technical Institute


X-6 Modular Carbine


Ranged Weapon



Technical specifications



Full Carbine Mode

  • Repeater Mode
    • 150 meters
  • Single Shot Mode
    • 300 meters
  • Sniper Mode
    • 600 meters

Pistol Mode

  • Repeater Mode
    • 50 meters
  • Single Shot/Charge Mode
    • 150 meters

The X-6 Modular Carbine was a scaled down version of the Ion/Laser Combo Cannon developed by TTI. It was the Standard Issue Weapon for the Twilight Trooper Corps's Main Infantry.

It had a Repeater Mode, in which it fired several shots with a single press of the trigger, and a Charge Fire or Sniper Mode (Sniper Mode for Full Carbine, Charge Mode for Pistol), that enabled the user to hold down the trigger to fire 2 rounds at once in a concentrated bolt. In Full Carbine Mode, it had a range of 150 meters in Repeater Mode, and 300 meters in Single Shot Mode, as well as 600 meters in Sniper Mode. However, for close quarters combat, the stock and extended barrel could be removed, for a more compact Pistol Mode. In Pistol Mode, it had a range of 50 meters in Repeater Mode, and 150 meters in Single Shot or Charge Mode.

In addition to this, it could switch modes in order to better combat Droid, or Living Enemies. With just a switch of a button, it could fire in either Blaster or Ion Mode.

One of the more interesting features of the X-6 Carbine was a flip out side mounted screen. This screen had much of the same functionality as a HUD, in a more user friendly and accessible form, a user didn't need to have a helmet on to access the screen. The standard mode of the screen was to display whatever the under barrel electronic scope/laser/torch attachment was viewing. Its connectivity was wireless so a user could remove the attachment, hold it around a corner or under a door, and still see via the screen. The screen could also display tactical readouts supplied via whatever network the user assigned the screen to. The screen had its disadvantages though, as at night or in the dark, it lit up very easily and could be spotted.

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