Asynchronous linear-induction rifle
X-5 Asynchronous Linear-induction Carbine
Production information

Templar Technical Institute




Ranged Weapon



Technical specifications





Legacy Era


Templars of Twilight


The X-5 ALIC was a Asynchronous linear-induction weapon developed by TTI. It was a Standard Issue Side arm for Tactical Infiltration/Exfiltration missions. It had an effective accuracy range of 1500m on semi auto but was deadly up to two kilometers. In casual or coded conversations the ALIC was referred to as the Alex so an individual could say they were "dealing with Alex" and not let prying ears know they were armed.

It could be equipped with a Suppressor to lower the muzzle flash and sound. It however lowed the max range to 500m. The weapon was extremely effective against armor even heavy armor and because of its nature highly accurate over long distances. Using a sequence of electromagnetic solenoids along the length of the barrel it could launch a 9.5x40mm round well past hypersonic velocities. The rounds unlike the ALIP (or "Allie" as it was commonly called. The rounds would mushroom slightly on impact causing additional damage.

M07 X-HP-SAPEdit

The 9.5x40mm M07 Experimental High-Powered Semi-Armor-Piercing (abbreviated M634 X-HP-SAP) ammunition is a type of Templar Military Services .374-caliber rifle projectile that is made specifically for the TMS X-5 ALIC series.

The 9.5mm cartridge's performance is consistent with other special-purpose rifle calibers, offering high power and accuracy in close-combat engagements. In a rifle weighing anywhere between 8.5 to 11 pounds, this would produce manageable felt recoil, with a muzzle energy of around 3,200 joules. The 9.5x40mm cartridge is used in standard 30-round magazines for the X-5, providing the shooter with twelve bursts before a reload is required.

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