Wind Sages were a caste in the Templars of Twilight. Like the Ice Sages Wind Sages studied the Force, unlike Ice Sages however, they sought to Master it. They were unparalleled in the Force, many not even carrying a lightsaber, instead choosing to rely solely on the Force as a defense. Their motto was "Gentle as the breeze. Powerful like the Hurricane." Their training was twice as extensive as any other casts and as such all Wind Sages had to start their training during their first year as Genins. Wind sages were represented by an Avril.

The Avril MasterEdit

The Avril Master was the leader of the Wind Sages. He or she was appointed by the council and was always the most skilled of the Wind Sages. Unlike the Kage he was not elected, so the only way he could lose his position was by being demoted by the council or by resigning.

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