During the time of the Fall of the Galactic Empire, there existed a Vincent Mikaru who was little known. He was operated so quickly from his family that his name was not even recorded by the Clan records. He was secretly taken, and put in the tutelage of a secret Jedi Enclave.

After many years he eventually came across Kev-Mas Colcha and what would become the Templars of Twilight. He would forge this Holocron because he too foresaw a future form of himself, one who would help shape the galaxy to come. It was his hope that his Holocron would help his descendant fulfill his part of the Mikaru Destiny.


My name, is Vincent Mikaru. I was never blessed by the Force with the power to foresee things. But of recent i have seen many Revelations in my dreams. Glances of the future, one without me as I am, but a Decedent, a Mikaru, who shall bear my name, and My face, as is the Echani way. This Holocron is intended for them.

Truth is elusive to those who refuse to see with both eyes wide. The Jedi, and the Sith blind themselves to the full aspects of the force. Refusing to see what they could truly be if only they would cast off their childish prejudices against that which they both fear. I have seen the truth. I have walked in the dark, and i have basked in the light. I have seen the Force for what it truly is, and i have felt its pain.

The Force, like all things has a natural balance. But the Force's balance has been upset for generations. The closest it has been to balanced was during the reign of the Dark Lord Kaan, when the numbers of Jedi and Sith were near equal but Bane saw fit to destroy the Sith as they were and unbalanced things. They have never recovered.

Me, and my allies have dedicated our existences to helping the Force attain balance again, mostly in subtle ways, so as to not make things worse, but we have had to make ourselves known in a large scale once or twice. You have to do the same Vincent, I have seen that you will start this path before receiving this, but I have also seen that you will not walk an easy road. You must continue to steel yourself for what is to come my child. And herein I shall include my knowledge, everything I know, about the force, about technology, everything. May it help you in your path.

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