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Vincent Mikaru
Vincent by bayanghitam-d4egawa
Biographical Information
Homeworld Eshan
Date of Birth 106 ABY
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Echani
Gender Male
Height 6'5"
Hair color Silver
Eye color Silvery
Cybernetics *Right Eye
Personal information
Allies *The Templars of Twilight
Lightsaber color(s) Silver bladed Paired Lightsaber
Fighting style(s) *Teräs Käsi
Profession Sage
Chronological and political information
Position Sage Ignis
Affiliation *The Templars of Twilight
Known masters Colcha
Known apprentices *Vly Tashiro

Vincent Mikaru, was an Echani born in the Legacy era and eventual ranking member of the Templars of Twilight. He was known primarily for his general mild temper and combat skills, but most of all, his tendency to put 'what is good and right' before tenants of the Templars.


Force Sensitivity:
Lightsaber Skill:
Blaster Skill:
Melee Skill:
Piloting Skill:
Slicing Skill:

Notes, References, Honors, and Dedications

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