Victoria "Vic" Orilla
Biographical Information
Homeworld Remsi Prime
Date of Birth 76 ABY
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Echani
Gender Female
Height 6'0"
Hair color White
Eye color Silver
Cybernetics Standard Neural Interface
Personal information
Allies Remsian Republic

Templars of Twilight

Enemies Bothan-Tapani Alliance
Preferred Weapons X-6 Modular Carbine

Special Operations Vibroblade

Martial Fighting Styles Known •CQC


Armed Forces Info
Military Branch Remsian Marine Corps
Field of Command Special Operations
Equipment Norn-type Combat Armor
Chronological and political information
Rank Master Sergeant

•Later Sergeant Major

Era(s) Legacy era
Affiliation Remsian Republic

Victoria "Vic" Orilla was an Echani Marine during the Force Cold War. She was a member of the Marine Corps Trooper Division, making her a Special Operations Marine, the best of the best, and she personified this. Vic excelled at whatever she put herself towards. When she joined the Military Academy at Remsi Prime she graduated, ahead of her class, and with flying colours. She quickly grew through the ranks at a speed unseen before, many attributed this to her being an Echani. Others attributed this to her being Force Sensitive.

During the onset Force Cold War, Vic was assigned to the Templar-class Star Destroyer Dark Secret lead ship of the Defense group that engaged in a loosing battle against the Bothan fleet known as the Battle of the Anothelis Corridor. She was one of the many marines that were launched in SOAIVs into the Bothan Fleet, Vic herself landing on the Kothlis along with several other marines scattered around the ship.

Vic organized the Marines onboard into a coherent fighting force first taking the engine room then diverting security forces on the ship away from the bridge for an assault on the ships Command Center. After capturing and locking down the rest of the ship Vic and her team managed to gain the command codes for some of the other Bothan Cruisers and transmitted them via secure transmission to Remsian Forces assaulting the fleet. Her actions during the battle earned her the Medal of Valor and Silver Phoenix Award and promotion to Sergeant Major.

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