Eta 2.5 Grapple

An Eta 2.5 Vindicator Vibroanchor

A Vibroanchor Was a special built attachment for Ships. A vibrating anchor attached to a centimeter thick cord made of corded Monofilament wire. Each anchor could be launched at high speed via small rocket thrusters that fired for a split second after the anchor was triggered. The Anchor would strike a surface, be it an Asteroid or an enemy Starfighter, dig into the object and clamp down embedding itself into the target. It could act as a physical Tractor Beam for ships to small to carry a full unit. It could also act as a very useful close range weapon.

In addition, a smaller version of the Vibroanchor, mounted on the waist or wrists of armor, and with 100 to 150 feet of Monofilament Cord. It allowed the user to act as a grappling hook a long range weapon, and a support system to counteract recoil of a heavy weapon. Some models, mostly larger ones, used Flexisteel with a monofilament wrap around the cable for added strength. The Silver Lining was known to have at least twenty Vibroanchor mounts and would utilize them in smuggler operations and in combat.

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