RX-95 Heavy Assault Tank

RX-95 Heavy Assault Tank

Variable Chassis was a term used to discribe basic chassis design that could be modified into variable roles. The greatest example of this is the LAB a small wheeled vehicle used for scouting missions that could be, with simple to heavy modifications be transformed into other vehicles, the LAB-LC, LAB-PT, APC-M-60, LT-M-70, MT-M-80, and AAT-M-90. Another example is the TTS-1 Series of swoops and bikes.

Chassis ListEdit

Following is a List of Variable Chassis and the units derived from them. The LAB chassis was favored by the Marine Corps and the RX chassis was favored by the Twilight Trooper Corps.

LAB ChassisEdit

TTS Bike ChassisEdit

RX ChassisEdit


Base Defense Turret

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