Mass Driver Carbine mkII by IgnusDei
Vajra M50 AIWS
Production information

Mikaru Corporation


Vajra M50





Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

High (penetration)

Magazine Size


Fire Mode
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Automatic
Ammunition Type
  • 4mm Metallic Penetrator
  • 40mm Grenade

Asynchronous Linear-Induction

Rate of Fire

200 rpm

Muzzle Velocity



very high



  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Rebellion era
  • New Republic era
  • New Jedi Order era
  • Legacy era

Type-220 Anti-Armor Carbine


Mikaru Corporation


The Vajra M50 Advanced Individual Weapons System (AIWS) was the evolution of the Type-220 Anti-Armor Carbine. Following the Battle of Endor after the Empire was forced from Eshan the Mikaru Corporation looked at the Type-220 and its flaws. The Model overheated after a few shots, and its magnetic rails suffered catastrophic abrasion after only a few hundred rounds. The most crippling flaw of the 220 however, was its kick, despite the shock absorber, the type-220 kicked so hard that no two consecutive shots came close.

To deal with these issues several design changes were made. First were the rails, they were made smaller and on a horizontal instead of vertical plain. they were also coated with an anti-friction material that let the slug slide over them without causing abrasion, a simple addition that more than tripled the life span of a single set of rails. To deal with the heat issues heat sinks were placed above and below the rails, when the rail built up an electromagnetic charge, this also powered the heat sinks, that would cool the gun as it fired.

To deal with the kick the shock absorber was enhanced as momentum pushed the gun back a hinged device with a weight would swing forward knocking the weapon forward and canceling some of the rear momentum. This was based on a simple device used on old automatic shotgun weapons thousands of years in the past. An enhanced 'drum' clip was designed for the M50 that allowed an additional 100 rounds to be held in roughly the same amount of space, each drum held a power cell that added power to the gun as well, helping recharge its own power systems.

An advanced electronic scope was placed on top the carbine giving the rifle numerous visual modes including night vision and macro-binocular-like zoom abilities. The scope could be tied to any number of standard visual interfaces including HUDs Holo-recorders and transmitters. And a final addition over the Type-220 design was an under barrel 40mm grenade launcher capable of launching various 40mm munitions several hundred meters. An electronic firing system allowed two rounds to be stacked within the tube at one time however the second round generally got longer distance then the first.

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