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October 14, 2007
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Alex 'Kahn Iceay' Ray
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A long time ago


A small town far far away

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Roseboro NC

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  • Force Knight of Awesome
  • Uber Soldat
  • Sysop [1]


Templars of Twilight

Greetings! Edit

Hello peeps and welcome to my User Page. Its a bit barren right now, but don't worry I get to everything eventually. Feel free to check out My Templar Articles. Comment me on my talk page here or there, just hope you enjoy my 'work'.

I strive to, create a world here with the Templars that is both unique, separate from star wars canon but able to exist within the canon. While we want to be ourselves, we want to be realistic. We see a lot of fanon where its just individuals wanting to be the main focus of the galaxy, have everything revolve around them. We however want to exist in the universe, not have it revolve around us, we wish to be special, but no more special than the Jedi or the Sith, or the Imperial Knights of canon.



The Echani Project
A personal project attempting to create a realistic, if unofficial, cultural history and society reference for the Echani Species.

About Thy SelfEdit

Things I regretEdit

  • When I first started out Role playing, writing, and generally making characters, you could have put their pictures next to 'Gary Stu'. Humans with white hair, (At the time i didn't know about Echani) a Kid who discovers a Holocron... a Grandmaster by the Age of 30 (though that wasn't my fault i was elected by other people...). It was bad, but I'm making up for it with my flagship character.

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