Type 78

A Averard Penitentiary Type 78 on a track

The Type 78 Nerve Stimulation Unit was a medical device created by the Templar Technical Institute as a means to help people with nerve damage to their limbs. The unit works by stimulating the nerve clusters of virtually any humanoid, a synaptic scan taken before hand calibrates it for each species. A series of electrodes were placed across the body, or just the area needing assistance. When activated these electrodes would emit a low level electric current directly stimulating the nerves below the electrode. Several sessions of these could help an individual deal with minor nerve damage. The more intense the nerve damage the more sessions or more power would be needed.

Other UsesEdit

NOTICE: Use of the Type-78 Nerve Stimulation Unit in the following Method is a direct Violation
of Council Directive TL-1 SA-3 P-3. Violations will not be tolerated, and will be punished severely
with imprisonment and/or demotion.

It has been noted, that if the electrodes were focused around nerves in certain clusters, like the base of the skull, middle of the back, hands an other sensitive areas, the Type-78 could be used as an interrogation and torture device. Mid to High level bursts of electricity through the electrodes directly stimulated pain receptors in the body. Due to traditional forms of punishment overwhelming the nervous system, after a time the brain ceases to feel anything. However, the type-78 could continually shift the stimulation from one nerve cluster to another, keeping the subject in a constant state of discomfort.

The upsides of using the device this way, was that due to the units medical nature, it could never deliver lethal damage. No matter how much pain the individual felt, or how high the dial was turned, the device would always fall short of delivering fatal electrical shocks. As the Templars were not into killing their prisoners, no method of removing the failsafe existed. Another upside, is that dispute all the electrical shocks, there was no way to create permanent physical damage, short of a tingling or numbing sensation that would leave over time.

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