Type-98 Vehicle Maintenance Bay

a Type-98 Vehicle Maintenance Bay

The Type 98 Vehicle Maintenance Bay was a modular structure sold by the Mikaru Corporation. It was comprised of three structures, the vehicle bay, maintenance crane, and fabrication pod. The Vehicle bay could hold up to one full sized tank, or several smaller vehicles. At 30 meters long and 15 wide and tall it had an internal space of 6,7503 meters and 4502 meters of floor space. It could easily accommodate 2 LT-M-70 tanks.

The fabrication pod, was a small 10 meter long structure that sat next to the Vehicle bay. If a part for a vehicle was needed, like a drive shaft, or a new armor plate, the schematics for the part was brought up, and then either prefabricated parts, or raw materials were fed into one end of the pod. Inside the pod, various devices, torches, cutters, manipulators, and other armatures would fabricate the part as the material moved over the conveyor belt.

Finally there was the maintenance crane. When a part was finished in the fabrication pod, it slid out of the pod and into the basket of maintenance crane. The crane would then lift the part up move it over the vehicle bay and lower it in for the part to be used. The Crane could also lift workers to work on higher parts of vehicles. The Baskets could also be transfered to smaller cranes inside the bay to move to the back or to other sections of the vehicle.

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