Type-864 Slugthrower Assault Rifle
Type-864 Slugthrower ICWS
Production information

Mikaru Corporation







Technical specifications


  • (o/a): 88 cm (34.6 inches)
  • (barrel): 60.7 cm (24 inches)


  • (empty): 3.8 kg (8.378 lb)
  • (loaded): 4.1 kg (9.05 lb)
Damage Per Hit

High (no to light armor)

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition

200 rounds or 5 Magazines in a standard combat issue

Fire Mode
  • Semi-Auto
  • Three Round Burst
  • Fully Automatic
Ammunition Type
  • 7.62x51mm rounds
  • 40mm HE rounds

Short-Stroke Gas-Operated Rotating-Bolt

Rate of Fire

900 rpm

Muzzle Velocity

905 m/s (2970 ft/s)



  • Max ~1km
  • Average ~500m

Rise of the Empire era
Rebellion era
New Republic era
New Jedi Order era
Legacy era


Type-310 Assault Rifle


Sniper weaponry




The Type-864 Slugthrower ICWS was a Mikaru Corporation weapon produced for various groups, and hailed as an excellent bounty hunting weapon. Due to the concept that ammunition for slugthrowers was expensive the Mikaru Corporation produced the ammo for the weapons themselves and sold them at a discounted price to customers who presented a proof of purchase for the weapon, or in some cases in possession of the weapon itself.

The 7.62x51mm Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Explosive (SAP-HE) round was an effective ammunition type, with both decent stopping power, penetration power, and the explosive compounds inside made it very deadly against its targets. Due to the semi armor piercing nature of the round it is made of a hard metal generally steel but deforms shortly after impact to prevent the bullet exiting the body and causing accidental casualties. The filler is a stable explosive with a delay action fuse that goes off shortly after impact, ideally in the body of the enemy, often lethal and crippling.

The 40mm HE round fired from the under-barrel grenade launcher was highly damaging to unarmored and lightly armored targets. Various other 40mm rounds, including AP rounds, meant to penetrate armored targets and detonate (much like a larger version of the guns standard ammo). Airburst Rounds meant to produce a pressure wave in the air damaging organic targets. And the fragmentation round similar to the airbust round only scattering metal shards, were available.

The Advanced Optics Scope on the 864 featured an electronic zoom function able to display clearly images from upwards of 1000 meters, the rifles maximum effective range. Generally the the scope was standard with an Infrared and Nightvision function. The Scope could also be wirelessly (or physically) attached to a set of shooters goggles. The Gun could be purchased with a set of goggles specially designed for the Rifle and Scope that featured a powerful short range broadcast system that allowed the connection to be uninterrupted. This cost an additionally 200credits, 300 if bought separately. This system also allowed a second individual to see through the shooters scope while they were shooting.

An infrared laser was mounted at the front of the rifle under the barrel and a detachable tactical flashlight was also standard with the firearm. The Flashlight could display both in standard visible LED and Infrared. The under-barrel Grenade Launcher could fire standard 40mm HE Rounds, 40mm AP Rounds, and 40mm Shotgun Slugs/Shot. The AP rounds cost generally 200 credits for a box of 12, the HE rounds were 190 credits for 12, the Shotgun rounds were 200 credits for a box of 14. HE Rounds were thermal detonators with a radius of 5 meters, AP rounds were similar with half the explosive power but an armor piercing shell, Shotgun rounds were used for close-range encounters and could decimate at pointblank range.

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