Heavy Rifle
Type-310 Assault Rifle
Production information

Mikaru Corporation




Blaster Rifle



Technical specifications

Blaster Rifle


800m (rifle)
130m (launcher)


Rise of the Empire era
New Republic era
New Jedi Order era
Legacy era


The Type-310 Assault Rifle was a scaled up version of the primarily Imperially used Type-300 SOIWS produced by the Mikaru Corporation. Despite the success of the Type-300 SOIWS the Empire forbade the Mikaru Corporation from publicly advertising the unit, as per contract, to keep its origin and use secret. So, the Mikaru Corporation Weapon Design Collective took the basic concept of the Type-300, and upscaled it into a larger, tougher, and more robust weapon able to be used in more rough conditions and free of contract stipulations from the Empire.

The Weapon featured all the same functions as the Type-300, a high powered fully automatic blaster, and an under barreled grenade launcher. Unlike the Type-300, the Grenade launcher was offset to the left, it held 2 stacked rounds, that were ignited electronically. On the right side of the grenade launcher, was two additional stacked rounds, allowing for quick reload in the field. The Grenades were 40mm High Explosive Shaped Proton Charges.

The weapon had a targeting IR laser that could transmit target data to other units in the field, such as a Hammerfaust Automated Artillery Instillation. The Weapon included a secure hardwire connection to the users armor or helmet, allowing them to see through the guns camera, which had normal, light amplification, and infrared modes without the risk of wireless interference. The Mikaru's advertised the weapon as a gun for hunters professional and otherwise, and offered discounts for units bought in bulk over 10 units. A leather shoulder strap came free with the unit.

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