Muri Special
Wayward Gauss Pistol
Production information

Mikaru Corporation






400 credits

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

high (penetrating)

Magazine Size

18 round cylindrical clip

Fire Mode
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Automatic
Ammunition Type

4mm slugs


Asynchronous Linear-Induction

Rate of Fire

60 rpm

Muzzle Velocity





100-200 meters


Mikaru Corporation


The Type-210 Gauss Pistol sometimes called the Type-210 Anti-Armor pistol but most commonly called the Wayward Gauss Pistol was a type of side arm used by the armed forces of the Free Echani Alliance and earlier by the Mikaru Corporation and the most common weapon in the Wayward Series. This weapon used an Asynchronous Linear-Induction Motor to produce a series of magnetic fields capable of launching a 4mm projectile at hyper-sonic velocities. The great velocity of the projectile was the key to the stopping power and performance, giving it exceptional armor penetration.

The weapons power was so great that it could pierce light starfighter grade hull plating, only ablative armor or anti-penetration armor was capable of withstanding an impact from a round at close range. Due to the power of the weapon security measures were installed so that people registered to the gun could custom adjust a weight bearing in the gun for easy of use. When they held the gun a biometric reader registered their data and adjusted the weight to their setting. The sensor could also be deactivated and the weight locked in a standard position. This was extremely common as few weapons had multiple users. Later models removed the sensor in lieu of a simple handle weight.

The weapon's ammo was held in a revolving cartridge made the gun resemble old style revolvers in outward appearance. The ammo consisted of small 4mm slug designed with two primary purposes in mind. The first was the rounds design intended to cause hypervelocity collisions, where the target and slug get almost entirely vaporized on impact. This is probably intended to reduce over-penetration. The second purpose was its size, the smaller ammo size and unique aspects of Gauss firing allowed for multiple shots to be carried in a single case. This allowed the gun to have a high ammo capacity while maintaining a smaller size. The small size however limited its effectiveness in hypervelocity collisions, instead of vaporizing a while target like a larger round (such as 25x130mm Shells) they instead caused massive internal damage to a target from impact. The rounds were sufficient enough to tear off limbs on unarmored targets.


The design of the Type-210 is very nostalgic, being designed to resemble both old style revolvers and similar weapons. The weapons handle, while metal, had an outer layer of real wood, and a hand grip for the guns extended barrel was made of wood as well. When a cartridge is depleted it ejects out to the left or right depending on user preference, though it can also be set for manual hinge release. The weapons function, design, and overall nostalgic feel is reused in the larger Wayward Gauss Rifle.

T210 4mm Penetrator

A T210 4mm Penetrator Orthographic View and in flight

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