Tsurugi Kyouran which ment Sword of Fury to those who knew Gamatsu and was translated to Furious Sword in basic, was a very strong, precise, and dominating style of lightsaber combat that was not recognized in the Great Holocron or by the Old Jedi Order. In fact, the style had no name till after 6 ABY, when the Templar Kev-Mas Colcha, brought several aspects of the unorthodox style together and gave it a name. The Style, primarily used by Sith or offensive minded Jedi due to its offensive nature, was very deadly, but surprisingly simple - so simple that it was difficult to learn for most. The form took advantage of the use of Greatsabers, using the size and raw power of the blade to their advantage, which also forced them to use simpler moves, due to the size of the blade.

A user of Tsurugi Kyouran stood in a stance similar to Djem So. The individual stood with their main hand side facing the opponent, holding their saber with both hands out from their body, pointed upward in a diagonal motion in the direction of their off hand side, and the opening salute involved bringing the saber upright and held straight, while turning to face the opponent directly. The wrist was rotated so that the back of the hand faces towards the users right side nearly flush.

However, this form was not without its weaknesses. For one, it was very difficult to learn, it required a lot of Upper Body Strength, it wasn't very fast, and a quick thinking and acting duelist could easily defend against the strong series of blows with ease, having enough time to launch a lethal counter attack. As such, many practicioners of Tsurugi Kyouran wore lightsaber resistant battle armor in that case.

The "Brother" of this style was Tsurugi Enkatsu.

Known MovesEdit

Tsurugi Kyouran had various moves both offensive and defensive.

Offensive Maneuvers Edit

Tsurugi Kyouran, was a form that did not focus on merely disabling an opponent, it was intended to kill, and do nothing else. Thus, all of the offensive maneuvers are kill moves.

Flowing Water Edit

Tsurugi Kyouran made use of the Flowing Water cut.

Mou kei Edit

Tsurugi Kyouran made use of the technique known as Mou kei.

Sai cha Edit

Tsurugi Kyouran made use of Sai cha.

Sai tok Edit

Tsurugi Kyouran also made use of Sai tok.

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