Tsunami ATT other
Production information
Manufacturer Mikaru Shipwrights
Product line
Model Tsumani AAT
Class Light Tank
Technical specifications
Length 8m
Maximum speed 120kph
Engine unit(s) *Treads (4)
  • Propulsion Jets (4)
Armament Blaster Cannon
Crew 2
Cargo capacity
Consumables 1 week
Role(s) *Light Attack
  • Anti-Armor
  • Anti-Infantry
  • Anti-Naval
  • Amphibious Assault
Era(s) New Jedi Order era

New Republic era
Legacy Era


The Tsunami Amphibious Assault Tank was a light tank produced by the Mikaru Shipwrights. The Tank boasted only average armor and armament but excelled in its design due to being truly amphibious. While in shallow water the treads of the tank would flip, with the forward treads moving in or out depending on weather it was going to land or sea. Then the tank would continue moving on with its mission. Regardless of mode its only armament was a singular blaster cannon that could punch through average armor in a few shots. The tank was relatively cheap, costing only 40,000 credits new, because in groups they were very deadly.

Tsunami ATT

A Tsunami's Transformation

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