Classification is placed on transmissions sent and received by Templar personnel in order to determine the extent of restriction that is to be placed on the information contained in the transmission. There are several classifications to transmissions, which include:

  • Classification: NA: These transmissions are completely unrestricted. They are avaliable for any person to see them who wishes to.
  • Classification: Restricted: This classification is used mostly by the Templar military when officers wish to communicate with one another. The information can have varying degrees of importance, which can also be determined by the transmission's Encryption Code.
  • Classification: Classified: This classification is also used by military personnel to communicate with one another. More specifically, it is used when one commander wishes to communicate with as many Templar ships as they can within range while still maintaining a level of secrecy.
  • Classification: SECRET: This classification is for a higher-level of secrecy. It is designed to be used exclusively when ship captains communicate with one another, or when Admirals wish to communicate with lower ranking ship commanders.
  • Classification: EYES ONLY TOP SECRET (SECTION III X-RAY DIRECTIVE): This classification is the highest known level of secrecy. It is used exclusively by members of ONI, section three. No one is supposed to see the information on the file except the sender and the recipient.

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