The Tm-38 Small Diameter Bomb also commonly called the Tm-38 and the Tactical Munitions 38, was a 500 pound high explosive bomb used by the Remsian Republic. Consisting of a 500 pound conventional explosive charge wrapped in a aerodynamic casing along with electronic to help guide the weapon. The 500 pound explosive was, while not as damaging to hardened targets as a larger bomb or a proton based warhead it was still devastating to surface and unhardened targets. A single Tm-38 was capable of piercing the armor of the average tank with little issue. the Tm-38 was well afforded to carpet bombing just a cluster of 12 of them could decimate a concentration of vehicles, troops or military outpost. The Tm-38, was one of the few bomb models produced by the Twilight Technical Institute's Weapons Division, along with the Tm-82 Large Diameter Bomb, the Tm-103 Massive Ordnance Penetrator, and the Bunker-buster bomb.

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