The Tm-103 Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) was a massive 30,000 pound high explosive munition. Though a 30,000 pound bomb in weight it held a 20 megaton thermo-nuclear tactical warhead. The warhead was very clean producing no EMP and very little residual radiation, despite this however it was still far to large and devastating to be used in highly populated areas unless no other option was available. The Bomb was only able to be dropped by the X-4 Phoenix or the Fenrir-class Assault Fighter due to its massive weight, a X-3 Dagger would be able to carry a single bomb but it would be weighted down and unable to carry other munitions. The Bombs weight, pluse a sharp conical nose allowed the bomb to penetrate deep underground, up to 40 meters of earth or 8 meters of solid Duracrete, at which its warhead would detonate creating a gap and pressure wave under ground, essentially collapsing the area around the detonation.

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