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A Green Therali Rose

The Therali Rose (Theralian Rosa) also known as the Theralian Rose, was a member of the Rosa genus that grew naturally on Anothelis. The flower was similar to its its relatives in many ways, its petals bloomed in patterns similar to most roses, only larger. The average Therali Rose blossom was near 12 inches wide. As such the stems of a Therali Rose was very thick and strong, and as some single rose producing plants could grow to be 1.3 meters tall with a record one of two meters they were used often as walking sticks and sometimes staffs.

The Therali Rose came in a variety of colours but the most common were green and blue. Other colours were Red, Yellow, Pink, and a very rare Purple variety. In Therali customs each colour represented a message to the person you gave them too.

Green - Love/Caring/Friendship
Blue - Trust
Red - Understanding/Forgiveness
Yellow - Resentment/Anger
Pink - Declaration of Love
Purple - Marriage Proposal

Behind the ScenesEdit

The colour green being picked for the meanings of Love, Caring, and Friendship, are in memory of Althera Ray, as green was her favorite colour.

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