New Jedi Temple
The Grand Jedi Temple
Structural information

Saridona Prime





Academic information
Current Administrator

Kahn Iceay

Number of Students

Several Thousand

Chronological and political information

The Jedi Order


The Jedi Order

The Grand Temple in this case refers to the huge structure the Jedi live in. It is a massive self-sufficient colony that is 8 kilometers in diameter and more than two kilometers tall. Surrounding the Temples main structure are 4 massive 'Pylons.' Each pylon contains 2 massive hangar bays and several smaller ones. These hangars serve the various comings and goings and a few are leased to stores, and one large hangar is dedicated to producing and repairing ships for the Jedi if a store is unable to so.

The hangars are directly connected to one of the several layers of the Promenade which is the 'center' of the temple. It contains a massive artificial lake in which the Temple Training Facilities, and Meditation Gardens reside on an artificial island in the center. The Promenade is 8 stories tall and has an 'artificial sky' to simulate the outside.

Above the Promenade are the Dorms. Connected via walkways and turbolifts, the Dorms take up nearly half of the whole of the Temple. Above that are the Master Dormitories and the Council Chambers. These areas are off limits without special permission. Directly above this is the 'Beacon of Light,' a massive lightsource that projects a beam of light into space on special occasions. it is used annually at the Padawan Inauguration ceremony and when all Jedi need to return to the temple.

Several stories underneath the ground are the power systems for the temple, water reclamation, molecular furnaces, waste disposal systems, and what is rumored to be several massive ion drives and a hyperdrive. This rumor comes from the fact that the temple has various defensive weapons on its outside, is airtight, and has a powerful shields system and several power cores. These rumors have never been confirmed or denied.


The Temple is more than just a temple, it is a fully operational colony ship. the epitome of a "Praxeum Ship".

Technical SpecsEdit

  • Standard Power: 4 High Yield Fusion Reactors
  • Emergency Power: 1 Hyperameter Annihilation Reactor
  • Armament: 150 Defensive Lasers
  • Defenses: Reinforced Hull
    • Primary and Secondary Shielding
  • Engines: 10 LF9 Ion Engines
    • Numerous Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Other Systems: Water Reclamation
    • Waste Disposal
    • Molecular Furnaces
    • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Environmental Control Systems
      • Gravity
      • Life Support
      • Lighting

Environmental SystemsEdit

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