Th'ksa crystals

A cluster of Th'ksa crystals

Th'ksa crystals were a mildly radioactive crystal that grew naturally on Zonama Sekot. The radioactivity of the crystals was not harmful to organic or inorganic life, and was in fact, beneficial. The crystals naturally generated light and heat, the larger the crystal the more intense the heat and light. A small crystal, roughly an inch long, could be used in a necklace as the heat produced would be lower than the average humanoid and could be used as a small lightsource to find ones way around their home at night.

Larger clusters of crystals, ranging from a foot wide and twice that tall, to three times that size could be used to light entire rooms. Being surrounded by transparent conings of various colours the green light produced by the crystals could be altered into other colours, a mild white-yellow being the most common. If connected to two electric diodes the crystals could produce small amounts of power, not enough to power heavy electronics, but one crystal that could light and heat an entire room, connected to a diode could easily power a small homes normal electric based lighting for three to four months.

The most unusual aspect of Th'ksa crystals however is that they are unusually hygroscopic. If placed in the presence of water, normally half the volume of the crystals being used, and the water and crystals are heated to roughly 200o Celsius they crystals will absorb the water and transform, into a viscous fluid that is bright green and luminescent. This form is actually more energy conductive than the crystal form, but only marginally.

If this 'goo' form of the crystals is heated farther, to 320o Celsius it becomes a gaseous substance. This gaseous substance has the effect of a bio-agent. If the gas is inhaled it will produce a chemical reaction in most oxygen breathing races that produces the effect of a sedative, effectively knocking the victim unconscious for varying amounts of time, depending on the size of the victim and the amount of gas inhaled.

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