The Templars of Twilight Insignia was the main symbol that the Templars used to identify themselves. Originally suggested by Tera Byysta the insignia features a flaming phoenix exploding from a lightsaber while two other silver lightsabers ignite beside it. All of this is on a black background with a gray border.


Up until 129 BBY, the Templars had no insignia. It was during this time that Tera Byysta suggested that they make an insignia, and showed the Council a concept she had thought about it. The council agreed and within a month, the Insignia was their official calling card. The Insignia was first placed in the council chambers and then made into smaller versions for ships, and jewelry.


In the Insignia, the flaming phoenix represented not only rebirth but balance through birth and death. The phoenix was a bird that would die in a burst of flame and then be reborn into its ashes. The Templars had been reborn through the ashes of being exiled, and helped achieve balance just as the phoenix did. The three lightsabers represented the three main tenets of the Order: Wisdom, Balance and The Unified Force.


The Templars of Twilight Insignia

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