Templar Military Services

The "Hand" of the Templars

The Remsian Military Services is the Branch of the Remsian Republic (and formally the Templars of Twilight) that focused on military actions and operations. Their symbol was a Hand inside a triangle coloured with the traditional Red and Black of all Military Subgroups as started by the Twilight Trooper Corps. The Hand represents the fact that the TMS is the 'Hand of the Templars' in regards to all Military Matters. the Templar Military Services was separated into 3 Major organizations the Office of Naval Intelligence, Twilight Trooper Corps, and Templar Navy.

Tactical Operations and Naval IntelligenceEdit

Main Article: Tactical Operations and Naval Intelligence

Twilight Trooper CorpsEdit

Main Article: Twilight Trooper Corps

Templar Marine CorpsEdit

Main Article: Templar Marine Corps

Templar NavyEdit

Main Article: Templar Navy


Main Article: Remsian Equipment

Marine/Trooper EquipmentEdit

Main Article: Remsian Vehicles

Navy VesselsEdit


  • Templar II-class Star Destroyers


  • Templar-class Star Destroyers


  • Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers


  • Baldr-class Cruisers


  • Oden-class Heavy Corvettes


  • Ifrit-class Heavy Prowlers


Main Article: Remsian Weapons


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