Twilight Templar Enviromental Robes

A Templar in an Environmental suit and Robes

The Templar Environmental Suit was a special designed pressure suit that fit tightly to the individuals body, and protected them from adverse conditions, from extreme heat to vacuum to up to two kilometers of water pressure. The suit was designed to be form fitting to allow for mobility, and to fit under normal clothing, so long as that wasn't tight.

The suit was pressure sealed, to keep out adverse environments. The mask, featured an filtration system that helped filter out toxins from an atmosphere. A special belt, which was placed around the users waste held several small tanks of air that gave the wearer 4-5 hours of oxygen, double that if the filter was used to convert the CO2 back into O2.

Normally over the suit traditional Templar style clothing was worn, tunic and trousers in the users preferred colour or style and a matching robe. The suit was designed so that the user felt like they were wearing clothes, not a body suit protecting them from a harsh environment. The mask, could be polarized to several different colours and levels depending on solar activity. UV protection polarization occurred automatically upon increased light activity. Though capable of a full HUD the mask and helmet normally only displayed environmental data and suit air quality.

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