The Templars of Twilight used an elemental caste system, in their ranks. All ranks were equal to each other but each had different specialties. The Castes were first divided into Warrior and Sage castes and then divided up more so by the elements that represented each. Warrior castes were divided by Fire and Water, while Sages were of Ice and Wind. Fire Warriors focused on lightsaber combat, using their inner fire to power them. While Water Warriors remained calm, and divided themselves between the Force and Combat, believing in the aspect of defense over offense. Ice Sages focused on understanding the force, instead of use, they were usually most knowledgeable in the force, and most well rounded, able to "Win a fight before it beings". And Wind Sages were the most Force Adept, focusing near fully on understanding the Force and its uses, many not carrying lightsabers instead relying only on the Force. A fifth caste, the Vaeringjar Paladins were warriors akin to the Fire Warriors who used the fighting styles, weapons, and battle mentality of their ancestors in Vaeringjar history. The sixth and final caste was the Templar Honor Guard, a group of Templars specifically trained and charged with guarding the Council, Kage, and other Important members of the Templars.

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