Templar-class Star Destroyer
Production information

Templar Technical Institute

Product line

Star Destroyers


Templar-class Star Destroyer

  • Star Destroyer
  • Cruiser (Standard Classification)
  • Capital Ship (Standard Classification)
Technical specifications

900 meters


500 meters


200 meters

Maximum acceleration

2,500 G



Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1000 km/h

Hyperdrive rating

Class 1

Power plant

QuadFusion Reactors


Dragon Mail Shielding


Agrinium Plated Ablative Hull Armor

  • Turbolaser Blisters (10)
    • 10 Turbolaser Cannons per blister
  • Dual Turbolaser Cannons (40)
  • Ion Cannons (24)
  • Point Defense Laser Cannons (120)
  • Assault Warhead Launchers (60)
  • Apparition Turrets (4)
  • Tractor Beam Projectors (5)
  • Fighter Squadrons (2)
  • Shuttles (4)


  • Ground Vehicles (15)
  • SOAIVs (100)



15,000 Troops

Cargo capacity

5,000 metric tons


1.5 years

Other systems

Emergency Response Shielding

  • Command Ship
  • Destroyer
  • Carrier
  • Heavy Frigate
  • Assault Ship

Templars of Twilight

The Templar-class Star Destroyer, was a warship designed for planetary defense, planetary assault, ground troop support, and ship-to-ship combat. It was used by the Templars of Twilight. Albeit being the same size as a Victory-class Star Destroyer, it was more powerful than an Imperial II. It was the primer capital ship in the Templar Fleet since its inception around 60 ABY.


Where most Ships with the Designation "Star Destroyer" were shaped like arrowheads, the Templar-class was a smooth rounded ship, akin to a Mon Calimarian design. Also differing from normal star destroyers was its smoothed hull. Aside from the Flight bridge and the command bridge the hull was very smooth, with small ridges where weapon ports are concealed, and on the underside where the Hanger was held.

The primary armament of the ship was its 10 heavy Turbolaser blisters, which appeared on the hull as elliptical rounds and ridges. These were armored ports, that would slide open, and expose the array of turbolasers to fire. Several batteries of warhead launchers and the tractor beams were done in the same manner. This was done to give the ship a very smooth form adding to its stealth and making it a much harder target to hit.

Half the defensive lasers were located along the lateral lines of the ship located in similar ports, with the other half being located along ridges near the command bridge. Also located near the command and flight bridge, as well as along the lateral lines of the ship where the primary Dragon Mail Shielding Emitters, when the struck the shields could visually scatter the energy from weapons fire across the hull. Though on closer inspection its apparent that the energy shield is a 'second skin' atop the hull.

The design was eventually superseded by the Templar II-class Star Destroyer though the Templar-class continued to be the standard destroyer, while the Templar II was more a flagship. Due to the design being immune to Trench Run Disease its features were considered for other ship designs.

Templar-class Weapons

a Display of the classes weapon designs.

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