Planet of origin

Zonama Sekot

Height of average adult

0.4-1.5 meters

Average length

3-10 meters

Skin color

blue, green, orange, brown or red



The Tem'lagaru were an odd fish like creature that swam in schools like fish, but unlike fish were actually amphibians. They had alligator looking heads and a fish like body and were omnivores with extremely powerful and vigorous stomachs. They could eat practically anything, even if it was poisonous to most animals, and be able to use it as food. One extremely old and large Tem'lagaru was once found with an entire suit of armor digesting in its stomach when it was caught.

They were semi-sentient and extremely intelligent. Even though they could easily have dispatched a human, they very rarely attacked, and never killed a human unless that particular human was threatening them or their young. Mothers were extremely ferocious when bearing young (calls Tigs before they matured into adult Tem'lagaru) and if threatened would immediately kill any creature sentient or otherwise that she percieved as a threat to her young. For this reason, the inhabitants made sure not to swim in Tem'lagaru invested waters during Tigging season (The time of year when Female Tem'lagaru would give birth to Tigs) unless they had no other choice. Even though the mother would rarely attack anything unless it felt threatened, there was a good chance that she would precieve threatened if the swimmer got too close to her Tigs.

Oddly enough, there was never any breeding season for Tem'lagaru. Tem'lagaru were one of the few non-mammal species that would made for pleasure, even though the female Tem'lagaru could only get pregnant for roughly 9 days out of the year. If impregnated during this time, the female Tem'lagaru (known as the Kit. The male was known as the Kat - pronounced Kaht) would give birth to an average of 20 Tigs. On average, 4 Tigs would die in the first week, and on average 6 Tigs would die within the first three months. Before the Tigs would mature within 10 months, another 4 would die, leaving an average of only 6 Tigs who would survive until Adulthood, thus being the reason why female Tem'lagaru would give birth to so many.

The Tem'lagaru, because of their friendly dispositions were sometimes domesticated by inhabitants of Zonama Sekot, although one would need to be wealthy enough to afford a tank big enough for them inhabit and the Sekotan Government had strict laws against Tem'lagaru leaving the planet.

Another unique trait of the Tem'lagaru was the fact that it was at home in either fresh or salt water, and various kinds of Tem'lagaru were found in temperate, warm, and cold waters all around the planet.

Their scales are interlocking and triangle shaped, diamond shaped and arrow shapes, depending on the particular genus strain and their scales are often used as jewelry or ornaments for clothing and armor.

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