Tai Tamatsu
Biographical Information
Homeworld Bothawui
Date of Birth
Date of Death 40ABY
Physical Description
Species Bothan
Gender Male
Height 2.3m
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Cybernetics Subelectronic converter
Personal information
Allies Templars of Twilight
Enemies True Victory Party
Lightsaber color(s) Silver
Fighting style(s) Form III
Chronological and political information
Position *Commander
Era(s) Legacy era
Affiliation Templars of Twilight
Known masters
Known apprentices

Tai Tamatsu was a Bothan Templar of the rank Gurei Shishou. He was one of the first members of the Templar Intelligence Bureau before TONI was formed. As a Templar he was known as being selfless and dedicated, as a person he was known to be friendly and caring. It was recorded once that when a fellow Templar's hand was lost in a training exercise he paid with his own personal funds for his friend to get a top of the line cybernetic.

In the years after the Yuuhzan-Vong War Tai grew away from his people, as many of them continued a mindless campaign against the Vong. As the forces continued to rally and petition and preform mindless act after act he grew farther and farther distant, all of which finally came to a head in 40ABY.

When the Avengeance dropped out of hyperspace over Zonama Sekot, and launched an assault against the planet Tai's ultimate destiny came at hand. Driven by honor, by duty, and by his own feelings. Tai, at the time in command of the Derak-class Heavy Prowler Acklay, that was in dock over Zonama Sekot. Using this fact, that his crew was away, and he was alone he stole away the Acklay, and her stockpile of Nuclear Mines.

Swearing his actions upon the last honor of his people, that he would strike away the black mark of his race he rammed the Acklay, at 140% reactor into the mighty Bothan Cruiser, detonating the mines on his ship. The Acklay was instantly vaporized with Tai and the Avengeance along with it.


Tai was labeled a hero of the Templars and by Zonama Sekot. He had a statue placed inside the Great Hall of the Temple of Twilight and another statue at the Magister's Palace. Though no body was recovered a tomb was erected in the Mausoleum of Twilight.

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