Founded by Military leaders of Various worlds, Tactical Armaments by Q'atl, rose before the Galactic Empire. Among its leaders was one Admiral Vladamir Rahl. At the time of the creation of T.A.Q. Rahl along with four others decided that there was a need for ships that could move across the galaxy safely and that meant armed. For the first several years of TAQ's life, it concentrated on vehicles for planetary councilors and beings of Importance. As Several Planets swore not to put weapons on a such diplomatic ships, TAQ made them fast and as maneuverable as possible, even putting in several countermeasures that would make a bounty hunter's eyes gleam.

By the time the Republic had fallen and the Galactic Empire had risen, TAQ kept to themselves. Producing ships to keep up revenue they turned inward, designing, testing and even secretly building ships waiting for the best time to strike at the Empire.

TAQ's warships were unique in the Galaxy. Using the styling of Navel ships from days long past. Though these ships looked rather archaic, though they are among the most advanced in the galaxy. Each of them awe inspiring or intimidating depending on who is facing them both. Each ship is considered a work of art, but unlike most art each ship is extremely capable of filling a roll in battle.

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