The TTS Repulsor Vehicle Design Project was one of many projects by the Templars of Twilight to build and produce various vehicles of similar designs, so that one design could be modified into various different forms and roles. The TTS Project gave forth to two designs, the TTS-1 Bike, and the TTS-2 Tank. The TTS-1 line consisted of four vehicles, one of which was actually wheeled but as it was born of the Project it is still listed as a TTS model. The TTS-2 line gave birth to two Tank designs, both of which were well built, heavy, and damn good at their job. But due to expenses the TTS-2 line was limited. The TTS-1 Line however became very popular, with unarmed models of all the sub-designs being used and sold for recreational use.

TTS-1 Line
TTS-1 Fast Attack Speeder Bike
TTS-1s Fast Attack/scout Speeder Bike
TTS-1a Assault Swoop
TTS-1w Wheeled Recon Bike
TTS-2 Line
TTS-2 Repulsor Tank
TTS-2L Light Repulsor Tank

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