TTS-1w Wheeled Recon Bike
Production information
Manufacturer TTI
Product line TTS Repulsor Vehicles
Model TTS-1w
Class Wheeled Bike
Technical specifications
Length 2m
Width 0.3m
Height 1m
Maximum speed 60 MPH (96 KPH)
Engine unit(s) 1000cc liquid-cooled, mid mounted, four-stroke, hydrogen-injected ICE
Armament N/A
Crew 1
Passengers 1 (emergency)
Cargo capacity 10kg
Consumables 1 day
Role(s) *Recreation
  • Recon
Era(s) New Republic era

Legacy Era

Affiliation Templars of Twilight
"Its pretty nimble for its size; add to that the fact that it can do ninety plus kilo papa hotel over uneven terrain and you’ve got the ultimate commando hot rod."
—Marine comment

The TTS-1w Wheeled Recon Bike was a small wheeled vehicle produced by the Templars for sell through the Templar Technical Defense Systems company. Though Small, it featured a powerful hydrogen powered engine that allowed the craft to travel nearly 100kph over rough terrain. It was however prone to flipping over at high speeds while turning. Each unit was shipped with a safety and user manual failure to read or follow the manual could result in injury, which TTDS was not liable for.

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