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The TTI-D-RPG-2 is the Standard issue Heavy Demolitions Rocket Launcher. A classic design for a Classic weapon, its capable of, depending on the warhead, of destroying an entire starfighter.

102mm High-Explosive Anti-TankEdit

The 102mm High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) shaped charge can be fired from TTI-D-RPG-2 Heavy Munitions Launcher. As the name suggests it is designed to penetrate and/or destroy tanks, armored vehicles, and lightly hardened structures. The 102mm HEAT comes in three varieties, Shaped Charge, Proton Rocket, and Smart Missile.

102mm HEAT Shaped ChargeEdit

The Shaped Charge version is a simple, dumbfire rocket with a shaped charge, when the explosive detonates, the pressure wave liquefies the metallic liner in the charge, projecting it forward, the molten metal then burns through the target.

102mm HEAT Proton RocketEdit

The Proton Rocket version is a dumbfire rocket, like the shaped charge, but with a baridium charge like a proton torpedo. This is the most powerful 102mm HEAT variant but also the slowest, as such its used for long range demolition, attacking slow targets, and improvised artillery strikes.

102mm HEAT Smart MissileEdit

The Smart Missile, which contains a baridium charge similar to the Proton Rocket but of a smaller size and yield, is the Anti-Aircraft/Spacecraft munition version of the 102mm HEAT. When fired from the TTI-D-RPG-2, the charge will lock on the target and follow it until it is destroyed or out of sight. This version can easily punch through light shielding.

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