TT-134 Chaingun
Production information

Templar Technical Institute


TT-134 Variable Mode Chaingun


Ranged Weapon



Technical specifications

Large Personnel Weapon


The TT-134 Chaingun was a multiple fire mode Chaingun developed by TTI. It was the Standard Issue Weapon for the Twilight Trooper Corps's Assault Troopers.

It had 3 primary modes of fire: Blaster, Ion and Accelerated Charged Particle, each of which fired at an impressive 200 rounds per second. Because of this, it was hooked up to a large ammunition bank carried in a backpack, which gives each mode a total lifetime per reload of 16 minutes, if fired constantly.


The TAR-MK-III (Templar Automatic Rotary Mark III) was a larger, 30mm Ballistic Variation of the TT-134. About 7 feet long in length it was a mounted weapon, not a personal one (though it is guessed that some Wookiees could easily carry the weapon). Test mounted on the AC-132 and used on refitted versions of the Eta-2.5. The Weapon had a very high recoil and kinetic energy output. If fired, for its full ammunition amount on an Eta-2.5 it could easily recoil with force equal to over one quarter of the Eta's top cruising speed. The TAR-MK-III, being a slughthrower, had more ammo constraints than the TT-134, the Eta-2.5 version only held 2,500 rounds, the AC-132 had a larger ammo capacity for roughly twice as much ammo.

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