TL-1 SA-3 (Templar Laws, Article 1, Sub Article 3) was a document signed by the first Council of Twilight. The Law covers the subject of torture and its uses.


TL-1 SA-3: We, the Council of Twilight do here by sign into law the following. That under no circumstances, is an individual in Templar Custody to be tortured. This includes inflicting pain during interrogation to get information. Any and all forms of torture are forbidden at any time unless situations are dire. A Gin Shishou is required to constitute if a situation requires torture, and even then the Council reserves the right to revoke this and punish the participants if the situation was unnecessary.
TL-1 SA-3 P-3: We, the Council of Twilight do amend to this law the following. That the medical device known as the Type 78 Nerve Stimulation Unit can not, ever, be used as a torture device in any shape and form. The device has shown itself able to directly stimulate pain receptors in a targets body, if used incorrectly. Unsanctioned use of the Type-78 as a torture device is a violation of this law and is punishable by imprisonment and or demotion in weight of the crime.
TL-1 SA-3 P-4: We, the Council of Twilight do hereby revoke all Gin Shishous the right to constitute a situation as needing torture or not. From this point forward all orders and requests dealing with the use of torture are to be approved or denied by the Council or Kage(s) only. Violations of this law will result in imprisonment and demotion in weight of the crime. (This amendment is brought about by the use of the Type 78, in a situation that called for it, but was used excessively)

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