TEAM, or Turreted External Assault Mode was based on a vessel that could mount to a larger ship, that was capable of adding its weapons and sometimes propulsion systems to it, and sometimes gaining a resupply from the larger ship. They were also capable of detaching from the larger starship, either Pilot or Droid Operated.

The phrase "Teamed Up" meant the process of the smaller ship mounting to the larger one, when referring to this technology.

The Eternal Twilight was a vessel utilizing such technology, as it had detachable Droid Fighters.


AEON, or Attached Extra Ordinance Node, was a piece of technology that coinsided with TEAM. It enabled the smaller ship, when connected with the larger ship, to have a seemingly unlimited amount of warhead payload, supplied through the host ship's cargo hold. It also made it possible for the smaller ship to reload, and detach from the host ship when emptied of its payload.