TDS Space Station Design

"A Space Station Owned and Operated by a Defense Contractor that Offers Services to Ships passing through the trade route, in addition to Paramilitary services to various groups within the extents of Galactic Law."
—Holonet Article about the Perlemian Way Station

TDS Space Stations (meaning Tactical Defense Systems Space Station) were 1km wide Way Stations located on the Perlemian and Hydian Trade Routes. They acted as the Headquarters for TDS while also allowing ships along the route a place to dock and refuel, for a small fee. It was armed with 24 Defensive laser cannons and could dock up to 30 ships up to 100 meters along its outer docking ring. Its w internal docking bays could hold 6 Somber-type escort cruisers and dozens of fighter craft. The lower Docking Pylon was reserved for larger ships and the Oden-class Heavy Corvettes that TDS employed. And it featured a large construction/repair bay that could service a ship up to 700 meters in length.

Each TDS Station is crewed by about 1,200 personnel employed by TDS. The Station can house, the Crew, several hundred costumers, and tons of supplies. They contain Crew Quarters, a Recreation Promenade, with Restaurants, Bars, clubs, communications kiosk, and several stores for TDS Products and other basics. Each Station also contained a Restaurant known as The Fly By Night Diner. The Fly By Night Diner would not only serve people inside, but would prepare food in advance (if contacted in advance) and deliver it to docked ships, and would for a fee deliver prepared meals to ships within a 30 minute hyperspace jump.

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