The Erisi

a Sombre-type Escort Cruiser

The Somber-type escort cruiser, was a small ship used by Templar Defense Systems. While called a Cruiser it was in fact a very small corvette, at one hundred and ten meters in length. The Shadow Company had 12 ships of this type. The Ship was armed with 4 Heavy Laser Cannons, 2 light turbolasers, and 2 light ion cannons. Templar Technical Defense Systems sold them for 1.9 million credits.

Behind the ScenesEdit

9 of the 12 Somber's used by TDS were named using the same naming style as Covenant ships. One was named directly after a Covenant ship, The Shadow of Intent. The Point of no Return was named after a UNSC ship. The final was named after an old ship idea, The Rosary.

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