Sith by The 3DArtist

A Sith Handler

Sith Handlers were members of the One Sith Personally assigned to act as a 'Sith Master' to a Twilight Jedi. Unlike a normal Sith Master they did not teach the Twilight Jedi but instead condition them and give them missions. Sith Handlers were known for being exceptionally cruel to those under their charge. They were known to both physically and mentally torture the one they were assigned to in order to assure their compliance. Shock prods and Shock Whips were among their favorite tools for such.

Known Sith HandlersEdit


Majority of the Sith Handlers were still on Roon when Operation: AngelFall commenced. by 133ABY only a hand full of Handlers were assumed to be alive. One of TONI Recon 1881's primary objectives was to find information on Handlers that were still unaccounted for.

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