Shriek Hawk


Planet of origin


Average length


Average wingspan


Skin color


  • Clawed Wings
  • ear splinting shriek

The Shriek Hawk is a very distant relative of the hawkbat. They generally hang upside down from trees during the Twilight hours. When they hunt they fly through the air with their wings swept back in search for insects to eat. When threatened, they dive at their targets with their clawed wings forward and release a large shriek. However, they rarely actually attack, as the shriek normally scares away most would be predators.

Ice Shriek HawkEdit

The Ice Shriek Hawk is a sub-species of the Shriek Hawk that lives in Anothelis' Northern and Southern Areas. They are Identical in every way save the colouration of their skin, and Additional Claws to cling to ice.

Ice Shriekbat

Ice Shriek Hawk

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