Sekotan Star Transports are sentient spaceships by the Zonama Sekot Shipyards. They are an engineered race, made sentient by the Builders. Sekotan Star Transports are made of both biological and mechanical systems, and are therefore biomechanoid. They have a thick outer skin capable of keeping a pressurized atmosphere inside. Maintenance details are handled by mechanical DRDs, mousedroid-sized droids that the Sekotan Star Transport manufactures.

Inside, the Sekotan Star Transport consists of countless corridors and compartments. Each Sekotan Star Transport grows differently depending on the needs of its owner. At the very core of a Sekotan Star Transport is an area known as the "Pilot's Den". This is where the pilot bonds to the Sekotan Star Transport via a cognition hood. While Sekotan Star Transports can operate unbonded, most functional Sekotan Star Transports have a Pilot bonded to them. Because of their nature, Sekotan Star Transports are not able to communicate well with their passengers. Pilots play the role of translator and liaison between the ship and the crew.

Sekotan Star Transports have a vast knowledge of space, and their senses are specifically adapted to be used as sensors for space travel. Sekotan Star Transports have the unique ability to perform starbursts, a superluminal form of travel that allows them to enter Hyperspace. A Sekotan Star Transport enters starburst by energizing a matrix of sorts on its outer hull, beginning at the front of its body and going to the end of its body, and the Sekotan Star Transport enters the rift in space-time that opens ahead of it, which promptly seals itself as soon as the Sekotan Star Transport is through.

Sekotan Star Transports possess no natural weaponry, as they were designed as transport ships. They rely on their ability to Starburst to escape danger. They can however be grown with weapons or have them mounted on them should the purpose of the ship require it. Sekotan Star Transports also have a docking web they use to "pick up" objects and small ships and bring them into their docking bay. The docking web is apparently powerful enough to immobilize and "reel in" small ships (like a fighter or an escape pod), although only at very short range.

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