The Sekotan Fleet was the main defense of Zonama Sekot. Made entirely of biologically engineered ships, similar in design to Yuuzhan Vong ships, but far less menacing looking. Grown by the shipyards around the planet, these ships were engineered to be quick and quiet, and pack a mighty, if unconventional, firepower.

One of the greatest strengths of the Sekotan Fleet, was the introduction of the Arctus Cloak, which worked similar in effect to a regular cloaking device. However, instead of hiding the ship from trackers or visuals, it coated the ship in an extremely quick working chemical that in a few moments made the ship look nothing more like an asteroid. These "asteroids" would follow Zonama Sekot everywhere, and then blend in with any real asteroids that Sekot would find in the system it would choose as its new temporary home.

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