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Operation: AngelFall


Operation: AngelFall

Retreat to Anothelis

Sith-Imperial War

  • Operation: DaggerFall



Anothelis Corridor


Full Destruction of the Pursuing fleet


Twilight Alliance

Templars of Twilight

Sith-Imperial Alliance


Darth Imperi






The Retreat to Anothelis was a running battle from Roon to Anothelis


At the end of the Battle of Utapau the Destruction Preventer under the suggestion of Dade Leviathan and the escort of 13 damaged Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers left for the planet of Anothelis. Once there, a message from Dade was transmitted to the Templars there alerting them to protect the ships, and to prepare for an incoming force of ships.


Main Article: Operation: AngelFall

At Roon, a quick strike operation commenced, the remaining Twilight Alliance forces, with 13 rigged ships. The Ships after dropping out of hyperspace slammed into the planet and one of the Pellaeon star destroyers. After the operation, using coordinates given to them by Dade, Vincent Mikaru and Kev-Mas Colcha jammed long range communications lured the remaining Sith and Imperial forces on a chase.

The TrapEdit

When the Sith-Imperial Forces dropped out of hyperspace they found their communications jammed, and a force of 82 heavily armed and prepared capital ships and nearly 1000 starfighters most of a type not seen before. A request for surrender was transmitted from the largest ship of the opposing force, the Morganus II. The request was ignored and the Sith-Imperial ships moved in.

The Ensuing battle was short, no quarter was given, every capital ship opened fire on one ship at a time, destroying them in quick succession. The battle lasted less than 10 minutes. After which, Templar ships swept the area for salvage and escape pods. Nearly 3,000 Imperial forces survived, and 200 Sith, all of whom attempted to fight capture. Most of the Imperial forces surrendered and were placed quietly in a prison on Karpchev. The Sith however, didn't go quietly and all but 30 of them died in the process.


Following the Battle, the Twilight Alliance sat down with the Remsian Senate/Twilight Council and discussed their future. After a weeks discussion, the Twilight Jedi were absorbed into the Templars of Twilight, and the Utapauan forces were given a safe berth until their forces had rested and healed and their ships repaired.

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