The Remsian Starfighter Corps was a division of the Remsian Navy that covered all Starfighter operations within the Remsian Military. The Highest Rank within the Corps was that of Vice Admiral. New admissions to the Starfighter Corps trained at the Remsian Starfighter Academy on RP-I. The Pilots at the Academy train using Flight Simulators and Dagger-class Superiority Fighters. After the second year at the Academy a pilots skill is rated and they are transfered to courses pertaining to what they are best suited to. After graduating Pilots were assigned to units and given the fighter they were best equiped to pilot, normally a Dagger or a Phoenix. Some pilots proved to be above average and were assigned to special combat groups that used specialty fighters such as the Vindicator Interceptor, or Brynhildr. And roughly 2% of Pilots prove themselves to be worthy of acceptance into elite units such as the 82nd Airborne and pilot the limited production Stealth Interceptor.

Skill Branches
High Speed Piloting & Combat
Navigation and Assault

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