Seal of the Navy

"In war, one should seek to take and hold the high ground. From there, the enemy's movements are clearly visible, and he will struggle just to reach you, let alone fight you. High orbit is the highest ground there is."
—Dade Leviathan

The Templar Navy, also known widely as the Remsian Navy, was a division of the Templar Military Services that revolves around the Templar Fleet and the Templar Fleet Shipyards. The Divisions seal is that of a Bird of Prey swooping down, in the traditional colours of a Templar Military subdivision.


Like the rest of the Military Forces the Templars fielded, all Naval assets were designed to preform multiple jobs some even being "Jacks-of-All Trades". The Templar-class Star Destroyer and Templar II-class Star Destroyers could act not only as Destroyers but as battleships, command ships, carriers, and space stations. The Original Templar-class could even act as a planetary assault platform able to move into and land on a planets surface.


Templar Navy Officer Ranks
Ensign Lieutenant, Junior Grade Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain -
Fleet Captain
Commodore Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral Fleet Admiral
Templar Navy Enlisted Ranks
Spacer Spacer First Class Senior Spacer Master Spacer Petty Officer Third Class Petty Officer Second Class Petty Officer First Class Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Chief Petty Officer Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy


Combatant FleetsEdit

Home FleetEdit

  • First Templar Fleet[1]
  • Second Fleet
    • Anothelian Defense Group[3]
    • Therali Sector Patrol Group
    • Commerce Patrol Group
    • Midgard Sector Defense Group[4]
  • Third Fleet
    • Gehenna Defense Fleet[5]
    • Second Commerce Patrol Group
    • Sector Defense Group
    • Outer Patrol Fleet

Reserve Assault FleetEdit

  • Battle Fleet Tsurugi
  • Battle Fleet Heisi

Reserve FleetEdit


Special GroupsEdit

Non-Combatant FleetsEdit

Gehenna Mining FleetEdit

Fleet GroupingsEdit

The Primary Navy fleet in and of itself was referred to as the "Home Fleet" and was divided into 3 "Sector Fleets" which was again split up into four "Battle Groups". Each group was made of 19 captial ships, 1 Flagship, 2 destroyers, 4 cruisers, 6 frigates, 6 Corvettes. Then Each group had 15 Support ships; 10 Ifrit-class Heavy Prowlers, and 5 Leviathan-class Assault Ships, for a total of 21 ships. Each Sector fleet was therefor made up of 76 capital ships and the Home Fleet comprised of 228 capital ships

Battle Fleets which make up the Reserve Assault Fleet on the other hand were made of 39 Capital ships, A Flagship, 6 Destroyers, 8 Cruisers, 10 Frigates, and 14 Corvettes, with an additional 30 support ships; 20 Prowlers, and 10 Assault Ships for a total of 39 ships per fleet and 78 ships for the whole Assault Fleet. In total the Entire Templar Navy comprised of 306 ships above Prowler class. Not counting standalone groups like Luminis Squadron or Umbris Squadron.

Primary and Assault Fleet classesEdit

These numbers represent the Templars between 125ABY and 135ABY. By 145ABY the numbers had all but effectively doubled, with production focusing on the Templar-class. Who's numbers had all but multiplied by four.

Reference NotesEdit

  1. Assigned to Theralis Sector Patrol
  2. Assigned to the Fleet Commander
  3. Assigned to Anothelis
  4. Assigned to the Midgard Sector
  5. Assigned to the Ice Field of Gehenna
  6. Assigned to the Fleet Commander
  7. Assigned to Kage Luminis
  8. Assigned to Kage Umbris

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