RX-95 Heavy Assault Tank
RX-95 Heavy Assault Tank
Production information
Manufacturer TTI
Product line RX
Model RX-95
Class Heavy Assault Tank
Technical specifications
Length 10m
Maximum speed 100kp/h
Engine unit(s) QuadFusion Reactor
Armament Main Weapon



  • micro missile launchers


  • Concussion Wave Projectors
Crew 3
Cargo capacity
Consumables 2 weeks
Role(s) *Assault
  • Artillery
  • Demolition
Era(s) Legacy Era
Affiliation Templars of Twilight
"Pick a target, and we'll make it as if it never existed"
—RX-95 Tank Commander

The RX-95 Heavy Assault Tank was one of the Variable Chassis of the RX Line. Its 4 treads and body were heavily armored with Durasteel-Titanium-A Armor that featured a polarized armor system, electromagnetic power could be applied to the armor materials, making them several orders of magnitude harder. In addition, the electromagnetic current disperses some of the energy from Blaster and Ion discharges, allowing it to act like light Ablative Hull Armor without the additional systems required. Due to this heavy armor, the heaviest concentration of shielding was around the QuadFusion Reactor that was housed on the rear.

For armament the RX-95 was armed with a Dual Turbolaser Cannon equal in power to the cannons on a Clone Wars Era, and it was capable of firing a shot from each barrel every two seconds, as such the cannons stutter-fired, allowing a blast to be launched each second. The Cannon drew a lot of power, leading to the reason the tank had an over-sized reactor protruding out of its back. The Cannon was turret mounted and could rotate 200o. Additional shield generators were added to help protect the Tanks flank, reactor, and some could be used to project defensive fields.

Some RX-95s, instead of the Dual Turbolaser featured 100mm Asynchronous linear-induction cannons. Essentially a shell twice the size as those launched from the MT-M-80. This version, was more versatile, while the Turbolaser variant could only act as an assault and demolitions vehicles, this version could do that, and attack from long range as an artillery piece. It could launch every type of Kinetic Slugs but its APHE Slug used a conventional explosive core, not a nuclear based core. Each slug weighed roughly 200-300 pounds.

The Sub-weapons systems of RX-95 gave the tank some out of class abilities, mounted micro-missile launchers granted the unit very light anti-air abilities and they could be used against fast moving targets. And Concussion Wave Projectors allowed the tank to be used against infantry and in riot control as the waves were non-lethal. Along the front and sides of the tread mounts several Dragon Mail Shielding generators that let the Tank project a defense field about 3 meters in front of it that could expand to be 8x8 meters and protect from incoming turbolaser fire for a short time.


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