Shield Generator Tank
RX-90 Shield/Power Generation Tank
Production information
Manufacturer TTI
Product line RX
Model RX-90
Class Support Ground Vehicle
Technical specifications
Length 9m
Maximum speed 120KP/h
Engine unit(s) QuadFusion Reactor
Armament X-90M
Crew 3
Passengers N/A
Cargo capacity
Role(s) Defense


Era(s) Legacy Era
Affiliation Templars of Twilight
"If We are a sword, then that thing is most defiantly our shield."
—TMC Trooper

The RX-90 Shield Generator Tank was a two fold unit in the Templar Arsenal. Equipped with a powerful X-90 Shield Generator with two emitter plates. When the generator activated the emitter plates projected a shield bubble around the tank at a standard radius of about 200 meters, though it could be extended, up to half a kilometer without risking shield integrity.

The other use of the RX-90 was its ability its ability to act as a mobile power generator. Capable of moving with the troops towards the frontline it was much easier to use the RX-90 for frontline bases than normal immobile power generators used at firebases or rear echelon bases.

The tank was propelled by 4 treaded tracks, each with an independent shock system. These four treads allowed the unit to have quick turning angles at high speeds. It also allowed it to have a relativity smooth ride over rough terrain. This ensured that the shield system didn't jar in motion while moving causing the shield to destabilize or become temporarily inactive. The chassis was modified from the forward drive unit of the RX-15 Mobile AO Cannon keeping with Templar Doctrine of giving multiple uses to things they build.

RX-90a Armed Shield Generator TankEdit


an RX-90a

The RX-90a was the armed brother of the RX-90. It was, essentially identical to the RX-90 save that it was turreted and mounted a Blaster Cannon, other than this all the specs were identical. However, because of it being armed, power to its Shield Generator was less than the normal RX-90, so when the Gun was active, the shield only had a 50% efficiency. A system inside the Tank timed the shield to the gun, so that, depending on the range the shield was set to, when the Cannon fired, the shield would drop for a split second to allow the blast to move on, before the shield came back up.

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