RX-25 Main Battle Tank
Production information
Manufacturer Twilight Technical Institute
Product line RX
Model RX-25
Class Main Battle Tank
Technical specifications
Length 10 meters (32.8 feet)
Width 3 meters (9.84 ft. approx.)
Height 66 tons (132,000 pounds)
Maximum speed 80kph
  • 2.5 meters per second
Engine unit(s) QuadFusion Reactor
  • Drive Treads (4)
Armament *120mm asynchronous linear-induction cannon (1)
Crew 3
Passengers Field Commander
Cargo capacity 1 ton
Consumables 1 week
Role(s) Main Battle Tank
Affiliation Templars of Twilight

The RX-25 was the most heavily produced member of the RX Variable Chassis. The Twilight Trooper Corps' Main Battle Tank. Its heavy Ablative Durasteel-Titanium-A Armor was able to withstand heavy punishment. For armament, the tanks primary weapon was a 120mm cannon that fired a APHE slugs at hypersonic velocities to pierce armor and detonate inside a target for heavy damage.

Its two sub-weapons were a quad-laser to deal with infantry. The laser had a slow rate of fire, only one round from each barrel per second but it was more damaging than a standard quad laser, each blast easily able to punch wholes through light armor. The second sub-weapon was a quad pack 40mm launcher that launched 40mm Ordinance rounds from Proton Grenades to HUNTER rounds.

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